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This is a one-year intensive course. By investigating and analysing language you will develop your reading writing and communication skills. You will experiment in using language creatively for effect and a purpose.

What can I do next?

Contact the Information Centre to complete your application form and take your initial & diagnostic assessments. Bring certificates with you showing any English qualification grades that you have previously achieved.

What will I be doing?

Reading and writing a range of texts critically and effectively using spelling punctuation and grammar fluently. You will study a range of extracts from texts written in the 19th, 20th & 21st century.

How will I be assessed?

You are assessed through 2 external examinations; each lasting 1hr 45 mins long which are set and marked by the awarding body.

Paper 1 - Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing - 80 marks (50% of the total mark).

Paper 2 - Writers viewpoints and perspectives (reading and writing) - 80 marks (50% of the total mark).

Spoken Language - Internal examination - Presenting / Responding to questions and feedback / use of standard English.

Entry requirements

Completion of initial assessment and diagnostic placement assessment. All previous qualifications in English will be considered. Mature students who completed their education some years ago may apply to be considered for this course without the formal qualifications.

What do I need to bring?

An English dictionary as well as a bilingual dictionary if your first language is not English. Pens, paper and files for your work. Time to do homework between classes.

Fee Information

Please refer to the Information Centre for further details.

These fees are indicative of the 2022-23 costs and may be subject to change

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