This sections provides more information on the role of governors and the day-to-day running of the Corporation. 

FE Colleges

Legally, FE colleges are incorporated through the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 and recognised as part of the FE sector. The powers of FE Corporations are set out in the Further and Higher Education Act 1992. The principal powers are that a further education corporation may:

  • Provide further and higher education
  • Provide secondary education to those aged fourteen years and above
  • Participate in the provision of secondary education at a school
  • Supply goods or services in connection with their provision of education

Governance is the way in which an organisation is directed and controlled. A corporation determines the rules and procedures for making decisions on corporate affairs including the process through which strategic objectives are set and performance monitored; and it is responsible for the quality of the service which is provided to students and stakeholders as well as ensuring the effective use of resources. It has six principal responsibilities:

  • To determine the educational mission and character of the college
  • To approve the Quality Strategy
  • To be satisfied as to the effective and efficient use of resources
  • To approve the annual budget
  • Senior staff appointments (Principal and Deputy Principal)
  • The framework for pay and conditions of service for all staff

Our Corporation

The Hertford Regional College Corporation (The Board) is made up of 15 members, comprising 10 independent members from the local and business communities, along with two staff and two student members from the College and the Principal & Chief Executive.

Our Governance Structure

The Board meets four times a year and it has an established committee structure to assist in the fulfillment of its responsibilities. The Committees meet throughout the year to carry out clearly defined roles on behalf of the Board. These are:

 Audit Committee A statutory committee responsible for providing assurance to the Board on the system of internal controls, risk management and financial probity
Quality, Standards & Business Planning Responsible for advising the Board on the overall quality, standards and performance of the College including its responsiveness to learners and employers 
Remuneration Committee  Responsible for making recommendations to the Board relating to the pay, conditions of service and performance targets for Senior Post-Holders and the Clerk to the Corporation
Resources Committee  Responsible for considering the College's finance management and financial planning arrangements, HR strategy and making recommendations to the Board 
Search & Governance Committee  Responsible for making recommendations to the Board about good governance practice and the appointment of new members and ensuring fair and equitable processes are in place for the search for new governors

Partnership and group activities

In addition to its core activity, the College is:

  • The owner of CK Assessment & Training Limited
  • The owner of the Hertford Resourcing Group (HRG) Limited

The Clerk to the Corporation is Jayne Chaplin and she can be contacted by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.