Meetings are held termly in accordance with the annual calendar of meetings.

You can view the calendar for 2022/23 by clicking here.

Access to meetings

Any non-member of the Corporation should formally apply to the Clerk to the Corporation (Jayne Chaplin: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) one week in advance if they wish to attend a Corporation meeting. This request will be considered and determined by the Chair of the committee and the members eligible to attend the meeting.

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of all Board and Committee meetings are prepared and constitute a formal record of proceedings. They help demonstrate to others that the governance of the College is being conducted properly and provide a public record and a means of informing the college community members of the public, auditors and inspectors about issues addressed by the Board. There will be occasions in which a degree of confidentiality is necessary and this is determined according to specific the criteria.

You can see all of our approved minutes by clicking here. You can see our Confidentiality Policy by clicking here.


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