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Your maths and English GCSE qualifications are your passport to a brighter future. You could have every qualification and skill under the sun, but without maths and English you may not be able to reach your destination.

To study at HRC it's necessary for you to have at least a Grade C/Level 4 in GCSE maths and English. However, if you don't have these when you arrive at college we will support you throughout your journey to gain them.

We do this by embedding maths and English both within your course timetable and within your study programme. So not only are you attending dedicated classes, you are also learning about how maths and English is relevant to your industry.

Every bricklayer needs to know how many bricks to order, every musician needs to know how much to charge for gig tickets and every business executive needs to know how to write a professional report. These are just small examples as to how important maths and English are to helping you achieve your career dreams.

At HRC we offer three levels of maths and English study that are matched to your current qualifications:

  • Functional Skills: for students who have achieved a GCSE Grade E/Level 2 or below
    Designed to help prepare you for GCSEs

  • GCSE maths and English: for students who have achieved a GCSE Grade D/Level 3
    Designed to help you achieve a Grace C/Level 4 or higher at GCSE

  • Upskilling: for students who have achieved a GCSE Grade C/Level 4 or higher
    Designed to help you improve your skills

To find out more about how maths and English fits into our study programmes or to discuss your current qualifications, contact our Information Team on 01992 411411 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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