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All of our full-time qualifications offered to 16-18-year-old students are described as study programmes. This is because they aren't limited to just providing you with a qualification - they offer you a fully-formed package of opportunities to help you develop into an independent adult. 

Imagine you're packing your suitcase to go on holiday - you want to be as prepared as possible to have a good time, so you make sure you bring everything you need. HRC's study programmes are exactly the same, except they give you everything you need to reach your career destination:

  • A qualification that will stretch your skills and enable you to progress into further study or employment
  • Maths and English classes for everyone who has not yet achieved a GCSE Grade C/Level 4 or above. After all, Maths + English = Destination + Employability!
  • Work experience that helps you develop employability skills and potential employment options
  • Continuous professional development days that help you develop life skills and build confidence in professional environments

HRC's study programmes are also a good route to university – many of our diploma courses are at Level 3 (equivalent to A Levels) and universities welcome these qualifications as a good basis to prepare you for a degree. We also offer Higher Education in a growing number of subjects.

If you have a learning difficulty or disability; we have a team that will help you to make sure everyone has the same opportunities to achieve their best. 

Click here to see our wide range of full-time study programmes or for further information contact:

Information Team - 01992 411411

Learning Support Team - 01992 411846

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