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Represented were: 

Tabitha Evans - Green Party
Selina Norgrove – Labour
Charles Walker – Conservatives

The Liberal Democrat candidate Andy Graham sincerely apologises for not being able to attend. However, Andy is very happy to answer any questions that people may have wanted to ask him. You can contact him directly on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All candidates had the opportunity to put their party campaign forward, followed by a healthy debate with the candidates and the audience. Each party dealt with the Hustings with respect for their opponents and answered questions from the audience with conviction for their parties standpoint.

From the students perspective their focus was on student loans and lack of subsidy for train fares. This led on to a discussion about the rail service in Broxbourne, including the potential to increase the infrastructure of the rail lines to manage the amount of trains which can pass through the Borough. There was a debate with the Green Party around the validity of their figures on pollution and all parties came together on renewable energy.

Questions covering a range of other topics included; university fees, renationalisation of public services, NHS services, education, and lowering the voting age.

Voting takes place on the 8 June. HRC’s Broxbourne Campus will be one of the polling stations opening from 7am until 10pm. Why not find out what else is available at HRC once you have voted.


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