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Our Level 1 Electrical Installation students were tasked with writing about something that has inspired them whilst they have been learning all about black history. One student, Reuben Migliore focussed on the Dr Martin Luther King "I have a dream" speech. Reuben said "The constant use of the phrase 'I have a dream' inspired me, it gives a clear picture of his dedication towards erasing racism and emphasises the fact he believes everyone should be entitled to freedom" it is clear from this that the importance of great individuals such as Martin Luther King has had a huge impact on the minds of many. "This speech has inspired me to do good later on in life, wherever I end up, I will always come across this speech as being the most thought-provoking speech I have ever come across" Rueben also said he will act with "exceptional kindness" to others. 

Our Level 2 Performing Arts and Level 2 Music Production will be performing movement, drama and music inspired by Black History Month later this week as part of the celebrations. 

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