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As part of the brand’s commitment to educating the general public on safety and protecting the lives of law enforcement and military operatives, SafeGuard Clothing recently announced its partnership with Hertford Regional College (HRC).

The international tactical body armour and safety equipment distributor has donated a bullet proof vest for use in HRC’s Public Services course to educate students on the working mechanics behind the design and structure.

“We are pleased to be working with Hertford Regional College and the donation of body armour aims to promote the education of future Public Service recruits” says SafeGuard Clothing Communications Manager Thomas Bowman. Known for its strong commitment to industry standards and innovative development, the company seeks to assist local colleges in development of courses in a more hands-on manner and to the students’ best interests.

Such partnerships are greatly beneficial to students as well, they provide access to an industry leader’s expertise and technology advancement, enriching their learning experience. The use of SafeGuard’s bullet proof vest in HRC’s Public Service course demonstrates the working mechanics behind staying safe in the line of work that involves daily risks.

Are you looking for excitement, challenges and employment prospects? Then a career in the Uniformed Public Services could be ideal for you!

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