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These new placements are in addition to existing placements currently being completed by Health & Social Care learners on maternity wards, general wards, theatre wards and sterile services. These students are all gaining hands-on experience in real life hospitals and are developing employability and interpersonal skills that will support their future career progression.

Two such learners are Alice Crump and Tatiana Garside-Eaton  (pictured above left and right), Level 3 Health & Social Care students who are currently working in the maternity ward of The Princess Alexandra hospital in Harlow. Both Tatiana and Alice began their placements in November 2015 and will finish in June of 2016, ensuring they receive an extensive amount of time in this challenging environment. Here’s what they had to say about their placements and studying at HRC:

What made you choose to study Health & Social Care at HRC?

  • Tatiana: “I first began studying it at 16 at another college, but decided to take a break from studying for a while. I came back to Health & Social Care a few years later as I know it’s the pathway for me. I really love working with people”
  • Alice: “It’s a good route to take to get into university; that’s where I want to study Health & Social Care next”

What have been the most positive aspects of your placement so far?

  • T: “The uniqueness of the maternity ward is really interesting to me. It’s very different to studying at college as the environment is very clinical and professional” 
  • A: “You have a lot of responsibility on the ward and you’re doing things that are really important”

Are there any personal challenges you have overcome or want to overcome on your placement?

  • T: “The responsibility can be scary. The pressure is on to get things right because you’re in charge of babies’ lives. You have to be aware of everything you’re doing – you can’t get the wrong mother’s notes or the wrong baby”
  • A: “I agree, the responsibility is scary because you’re trusted to do a lot of different things, but the more you do things the more confident you get”

What are your plans for when you leave HRC?

  • T: “I’ve secured a place to the University of Hertfordshire to study Midwifery from September”
  • A: “I want to go on to university to study Midwifery in the near future”

What are your favourite aspects of studying Health & Social Care?

  • T & A: “There’s lots of different students studying different things, but we all have the same values. We’re all really compassionate and have the same aim to help people. That really binds us together”

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