The stakeholder group that have been most affected by events since March 2020 are our learners. Some of the stories they recall about their experiences during lockdown demonstrate tremendous courage, resilience and determination to succeed even during the harshest of conditions. There are countless examples of learners having to care for siblings and family members whilst continuing to work part time jobs. Even when faced with these challenges our learners continued to engage with learning via Microsoft Teams in groups and for one to one sessions with their teachers. Those apprentices that could sent pictures and videos of their practical work to assessors so that assessment could continue. Learners in receipt of additional learning support met with staff around employment and family duties so that they could achieve their EHCP targets.

This section highlights some of the stories from learners about their journey and experiences. We would also like to thank the one hundred or so learners that took part in the consultation process and provided us with such rich feedback. Their thoughts and suggestions have been incorporated into the 10 Ambitions.

Mike Carver

“The past eighteen months have been the most difficult and challenging period that the College has faced in its history.

On behalf of the Board I cannot thank the whole of “TEAM HRC” enough for the way in which education, guidance and development of young people has continued in a continuing changing and technically demanding environment.

The results are exceptional with improvements year on year.

The engagement in the new TLA strategy for the College for the next three years in the middle of all these critical national issues is nothing short of a miracle and the importance of engagement and serious involvement at all levels makes the future look even stronger with a reality of striving for the very best for all our students both now and in the future.

Thank you from the whole Corporation Board of the College.”

Mike Carver

“I hadn’t considered Visual Merchandising before attending the open evening. I liked the atmosphere and opportunity to complete work across various create fields such as Fine Art, Graphic Design and Photography all within the one course.

I particularly enjoyed taking part in the live briefs working with real clients such as Tesco Head Office and currently have an internship with them.”

Ariane Irtelli - Foundation Degree Creative Enterprise in Visual Merchandising

“I found the lockdowns hard as I prefer the face to face part of the practicals, but remote learning has helped a lot as it has let me catch up on work and revisit topics that I was a little bit unsure of.

When I become successful and pursue a career, I will always be needed in work (e.g. during pandemics also) as this line of work are calling out for female workers.”

Maddi Wells – Level 1 Construction

“As a creative at times throughout lockdown, it was difficult with limited access to facilities and technological issues when working work remotely. However, pre-recorded presentations have been beneficial, enabling me to upload my presentation on YouTube ready to be shared with industry professionals.”

Georgia Ingrey - Foundation Degree Creative Enterprise in Visual Merchandising

“My favourite part of my course is definitely learning new things. Whilst being here, I have learnt so much more about maths and have adapted that to my day-to-day life. I have learnt so much in such little time. If I work hard enough, I’ll be able to achieve my GCSE grades and I will be able to move up to level 3 in the future, plus I will be able to apply to a university.”

Callie Melton - Functional Skills Maths Level 1

“My tutor has been excellent. I have found the course so far very informative, fun and have thoroughly enjoyed every lesson. I feel I have learnt so much that has helped me in my new teaching job.”

Jennifer Asser - Certificate in Education and Training

“I was terrified of speaking in front of people even in small groups but HRC, especially my tutor, pushed me out of my comfort zone and now I’m comfortable speaking in front of big groups.

My course showed me what I wanted to do in the future and opened many doors for me as well. I’m also a lot more confident with my future.”

Georgina Handford - Events Management

“I chose HRC from hearing positive things about their design pathways and I really liked the creative space at the Ware Campus. I faced many design challenges throughout this course and was always receiving tutor feedback. This helped me make the right creative decisions to bring out the best in my work. Learning all the software programmes felt quite daunting at first, but with support from my tutors I now have confidence in the creative programmes.

My favourite part of the course was completing live industry briefs. I really enjoyed planning and creating design work to a professional client/company. This gave me an idea of what to expect in my chosen industry.”

Freddy O’Mahoney – FDA Graphic Design

“My favourite part of the course is the teachers, they have been so supportive of me and have helped me through anything that I have needed help with, I couldn’t have asked anything else of them and the friends that I have made. My life is so much better at HRC, it’s such a nice feeling to be happy in my education environment.”

Ellie Rose Morgan - Student

“My sister studied at HRC and loved it, so I came and had a look and the course was ideal for me. In my first year on this course, my favourite part would definitely have to be the practicals and the reviews that follow them.”

Mollie-Mae Fletcher - Diploma in Sport and Physical Activity Level 3

“I would wholeheartedly recommend HRC to everyone. I have thoroughly enjoyed the environment and the welcoming, friendly atmosphere there.”

Terence Luther - Foundation Degree Creative Enterprise Fine Art Practice



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